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Elena Curcetti
Food Science and Technology Degree. Mainly active in management of many projects and programs to foster adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. She’s the coordination project manager of the VALOR project.

Pina Leone
Science Education degree. Environmental Educators. She has been internal coordinator in many UE projects mainly active in the involvement and participation of stakeholders, Environmental Educational program and the general internal administrative issues.

Giorgio Davini
Agricultural Science Degree. Mainly active in elaboration of projects and programs to foster adoption of sustainable agricultural practices; coordination of programs local food crops in the Park through involving with farmers and technical assistance activity.

Luca Schillaci
Agricultural Science Degree. Elaboration and implementation of projects and programs targeting local breeeders of the Park through ongoing meeting series with farmers and technical assistance activity.


Karl-Heinz Dunker
Degree in forestry and managing director of the Nature Park Black Forest Central / North.

Yvonne Flesch
Graduate geographer and deputy managing director of the nature park. She heads the department for sustainable regional development in the nature park.

Michaela Blank
Training as foreign-language secretary. She is responsible for the secretariat of the nature park.

Bianca Brosch
Degree in sustainable regional development. She is responsible for the regional marketing projects of the nature park, such as the nature park markets and the nature park hosts.

Jochen Denker
Degree in history. He is responsible for press and public relations activities in the nature park.


Dr. Nikolaos Katsoulas (male)
Professor at the University of Thessaly (BSc-MSc in Agronomy- 1997, Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering-2002), Director of the Lab of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control. He has more than 15 years of Academic, Research and Teaching experience. His research interest includes technologies, automations, design, modeling and control in greenhouses, irrigation scheduling, hydroponic and aquaponic systems, energy management, renewable energy sources, microalgae production, and others. He has participated in more than 40 EU and National (Greek) funded research projects and has published more than 200 publications (more than 60 in peer-review journals, >1200 third party citations, h-index = 20).

Mr. Charalampos Samantzis (male)
Employed as Managing Director of the CIE of the University of Thessaly while he has been responsible for the Career Office from 2004 and European Project Coordinator in various EU project initiatives. He has a strong experience in entrepreneurial projects and additionally, he participates and coordinates the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project (EASME) for the last 10 years in Greece. Being responsible for the development of the strategy and implementation plan for the Career Services Office, Mr. Samantzis was also responsible for developing and expanding the base of organizations interested in offering training and employment opportunities to students graduating from the University of Thessaly.

Mr. Eleni Vezali (female)
Has been employed in the Lifelong Learning Centre/ Vocational Training Centre of UTH as a Project Manager/Coordinator from October 2015 to 2018. At the present, she operates as a project manager and financial supervisor at the CIE in a number of European Erasmus+ Projects such as Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EASME), GIG (DG Employment), oCITY (Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances) and many more.  Mrs. Vezali provides a wide range of assistance given her studies in Applied Economics and Finance, offering a helping hand to both the financial aspects of programs as well as the technical and researching parts.

Dr. Dimitrios Papanastasiou (male)
Scientific Associate at the University of Thessaly. He is a Physicist, with MSc in Environmental Physics and PhD in Atmospheric Pollution and Meteorology. His research interests include air quality and (agro) meteorology among others. He has extensive experience in monitoring environmental parameters in urban and rural areas and buildings and in exploiting environmental parameters in agricultural and livestock applications and production. He has 12-year research experience, having participated in 23 research, development and networking projects, 18-year teaching experience in Universities and Technological Educational Institutions and 8-year experience as an adult trainer. He has published 29 papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and 65 papers in conference proceedings (>350 third party citations, h-index = 9). He is a certified adult trainer, well trained and experienced in applying educational techniques.

Dr. Dimitrios Antoniadis (male)
Scientific Associate at the Department of Crop Production and Rural Environment of the University of Thessaly. He is an Agriculturalist (2001), with an MSc in Plant Protection and PhD in Bioclimatology. He is also a graduate of the Biology Department of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and of the Department of Architectural Engineering of the University of Thessaly. His research interests are in Urban Greenery, Plant Protection, and Management of the aerial environment of Greenhouses. He has extensive experience in the establishment and conservation of Urban Greenery and in Plant Protection, and teaching experience in Biology, Phytopathology, and Bioclimatology. He has participated in 9 research projects and has published 4 papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and 4 papers in conference proceedings. He is also the Head of the Department of Rural Development at the Municipality of Volos.

Mr. Georgios Miliokas (male)
Scientific Associate at the Department of Crop Production and Rural Environment of the University of Thessaly. He is an Agronomist (BSc in Agronomy-2013, MSc in Phytomedicine-2015). His research interests include Integrated Pest Management, Plant Protection, Management of the aerial environment of greenhouses. He has been involved in more than 7 EU and National research projects, while his main field of work includes monitoring and evaluating crop sensor systems, designing, developing and updating projects’ websites and designing dissemination material amongst others.

Mrs. Elli Armira (female)
Employed in the Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control of the University of Thessaly since July 2018. Through her studies in the Faculty of Management & Economics, of the Dept. Library Science & Information Systems she obtained a wide knowledge in the field of Information Management. Her professional background includes participation in research projects as an administrative and financial assistant. She has been involved in the management of more than 15 EU and National projects o the Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control. Her field of work includes supporting actions for the submission research projects as well as the administrative management of them, Publicity and dissemination actions to other public and private research entities, searching for funding opportunities, diligence, and assistance in funding proposals of research programs.


Dr. Marian DRAGOI (male)
Associate Professor with Forestry Faculty and Head of the Forestry and Environment Protection Department. Since 1997 he has been teaching Information Technology, Forest Management and Forestry Economics with the Faculty of Forestry and has been working in different research and consultancy projects focused on forest policy and environmental economics. In 1997, he graduated the summer school of Harvard Institute of International Development on environmental economics, and a Fulbright scholarship, in 2000, at North Carolina State University where he studied and developed market-oriented instruments for sustainable forest management. He has worked as local expert with World Bank in supporting the forest owners’ associations and developing awareness campaign for sustainable forest management. He has been team leader of FP7 project, FORMIT (increase the contribution of forest to climate change mitigation) that was financed by Swiss Funds. He also conducted three projects financed by Romanian research authority and attended two COST actions. He delivered courses to farmers who have applied for getting financial support for different project through the National Program for Rural Development.

Dr. Cezar TOMESCU (male)
Associate Professor with Forestry Faculty of USV. Since 2000, he has been teaching Botany, Phytopathology and Plant Physiology, Landscape architecture and forest design and Conservation of biodiversity and certification of forests. In 2006, he gained his PhD in Biology, specializing in Ecology and environmental protection. He has worked in over 12 project implementation teams and he has participated to various initiatives aimed at conservation of biodiversity together with authorities and stakeholders.

Dr. Ana-Maria COZGAREA (female)
Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science, Electronics and Automation, and Head of Computer Assisted Language Learning Centre. She holds master’s degrees in Communication and Semiotics, and PhD degree in Linguistics. She published scientific papers in conference proceedings and scientific journals. She is member of several international committees of scientific events on education, of professional associations, and reviewer of scientific journals, External Evaluator of COST actions and Auditor of Higher Education Quality Assessment. Her main research focuses on innovative teaching and learning approaches, blended learning methods, sustainable education, learner behaviour, academic and professional communication. She has been Project Manager or member of various implementation teams of European projects: COSME, Erasmus+, EEA Grants, FP7.

Dr. Constantin FILOTE (male)
Full Professor with Computer Science, Electronics, and Automation Department of Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava. He received both the BSc (1988) and the PhD (1997) in Electronics and Telecommunications from Technical University of Iasi, Romania. His main research interests are in the fields of Cloud Computing, Digital Signal Processing, Process Modelling and Simulation, Engineering Education. Author and co-author of more than 120 technical papers in scientific conference proceedings and journals (56 ISI Web of Science), 4 national patent, 7 application patents, as well as 8 books and book chapters. He has worked as project manager (FP7-ICT-10-2013.1.6-610576-NUBOMEDIA) and researcher/financial responsible in several national and international research grants.


İbrahim Doğan İncesulu
Founder and manager of the company. Graduated from Middle East Technical University, Business Administration. Has over 30 years of experience in consulting to Turkish SME’s, to contractors for international projects, industrial groups and foundations on business project development and management, internationalization, mergers and acquisition, international trade and marketing, financial management, budgeting, valuations. Conducted and instructed various training courses for young entrepreneurs, prepared curriculums and training materials, consulted to EU technical assistance projects and managed various projects.

İpek İncesulu
Researcher and trainer in MAKRO. Graduated from Middle East Technical University, Business Administration and has Master’s degree from Colorado University, Economics. Excellent experience in development economics, regional development, business startups, and internationalization of SMEs and outstanding experience in the management of EU funded projects.

Esra Taşçı
Graduated from Middle East Technical University and studied in Binghamton State University in the U.S on the major of Global Politics and International Relationship. Completed Master Degree from the University of Perugia in Italy on Internationalization and Communication within the Mediterranean Countries. She is working in many EU and nationally granted projects in different areas such as internationalization, business development, sectorial research, market assessment, training coordinator etc.

Ozan İncesulu
Graduated from Middle East Technical University, BEng. of Computer Engineering, has worked with various eCommerce companies, helping them to grow and flourish their interdepartmental communication and integration by taking an active role within and between various departments during his work on improving the infrastructure and services provided by those . He is dealing with various IT related work for MAKRO and the EU projects.


Rosa M. Ricart
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, English Philology Degree, Master’s degree in Occupational Risk Prevention, and with Pedagogy training. Responsible for the European Forestry and Environmental Skills Council (EFESC) National Agency – Spain. Experience in the field of education and training activities, especially in training evaluation and certification, not only in the forestry sector but also regarding many aspects of skills acquisition in a rural environment.

Mr. Carles Lorca
(Agricultural engineer) is the technician of the European Forestry and Environmental Skills Council (EFESC) at the National Agency – Spain at CTFC. He has also been a teacher in a VET Agricultural and Forestry college for more than 15 years and he has specialized in forestry skills certifications as an EFESC assessor. At the CTFC, he works in European projects such as Erasmus+ and POTECFA based on education and pedagogical aspects of environmental training skills and professional certifications for the agricultural and forestry sector. Spoken languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, and English.


Golfo Kateva
Educational/School Psychologist and Systemic Counsellor. She provides counselling services to educators, trainers, teachers, parents, and youth on environmental education practices that employ participatory methodologies and project/challenge-based approaches (online and face to face). She is an expert in assessing learning difficulties and soft entrepreneurial skills as well as conducting formative and summative evaluations for European projects. She undertakes research and develops educational material for inclusive education purposes. She has more than ten years of experience in managing EU projects related to social inclusion and integration of disadvantaged people.

George Isaias
Founder and executive director of the SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd. He has been the key-speaker in a number of European conferences on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has been involved in educational and social projects for more than twenty years and has a strong experience in the full cycle of projects, from project development to project evaluation. He is considered by many the pioneer of the social entrepreneurship movement in Cyprus, as he organised the first initiatives to promote the field of social enterprises in the country.

Maria Georgiou
Extensively experienced in managing and developing large-scale projects (EuropeAid) that aim to increase understanding on the effects of the production on local communities, the environment and the economy. She has a long experience in developing activities with Sub-Saharan experts that aim to promote equitable relations across the world and a sustainable way of living.


Dr. Martin Kilgus
Serves as project manager and participation in research and training tasks. He has a background in political science, communication and international relations. He has been working in media and journalism, professional training and development and is an expert in the field of international migration, integration and developmen with relation to cultural heritage, resilience and sustainable cultural development. He has a long-time background in EU project management and has studied in Stuttgart, Germany and in Washington D.C., in the US.

Andrea Jelic
Studied ethnology and philosophy. She is an expert in civil society development and is a member of the City of Filderstadt City Council for the Green Party. She has a huge background in local and regional integration, female studies, inclusion of migrant women and intercultural knowledge, heritage and sustainability. In VALOR she works as project researcher and trainer.

Madeleine Bianchi
Graduated in financial management and has a degree in psychotherapy with a focus on work with migrant women. She has long-time experience as volunteer teacher and serves as project researcher and technician.

Ruben Agyekum
Is a student in IT management and VALOR project technician.

Ahed Özkoc
Studied engineering and technical design in Syria before she came to Germany where she worked as manager, consultant and peer-volunteer. For VALOR, she serves as project financial manager.

Brigitta Reiner
Studied ethnology and history of the Middle East, has a training as medical nurse in hospitals and is a active volunteer in the field of cultural and social work for refugees and migrants. She is an expert for local agricultural heritage, urban gardening and resilient development. She is a project administrative assistant with VALOR.

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