Project Description

VALOR stands for Valorization of Ancient farming techniques in resilient and sustainable agriculture. It is a project, cofounded by the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance programme and lasts from November 2019 to October 2022.

The project aims to contribute to develop concrete actions to cover sectoral requirements arising from all European countries in which natural heritage has a strong economic level, well and strategically represented by the project partners and countries, effectively facing the challenge of safeguarding biodiversity and cultural traditions, and in the meanwhile fostering the socio-economic progress of the concerned communities.

Specific objective of the VALOR project is to promotes the implementation of a compatible education model resulting in innovative curricula to support quality and ancient tradition safeguarding farming production, as core activity leading to resilience and sustainability.

The VALOR project will develop a competence framework of curricula corresponding occupational profiles compliant with NQF and ECVET requirements.

The curricula will be:

Top-quality expert in resilient agricultural system (as education curriculum for trainers), ‘Manager of resilient and sustainable farming’

Sustainability aware farmer, supporting farmers/new farmers improving their abilities to preserve, valorise and promote local traditional identities and economies, ‘Technician of resilient and sustainable farming”.

VALOR project presentation

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